From an appearance standpoint, Ryegrass and Kentucky Bluegrasses blend very well in a mix and complement one another in a variety of ways. Each of the species has their own strengths and weaknesses. Where one species is perceived as having a fault, the strength of the other will prevail.

By combining Bluegrass with fine leaf Ryegrass, parks and playfields can benefit from a much more durable and lower maintenance turfgrass. Bluegrass tends to be easier to mow than the ryegrass due to the high fiber content in the leaf of the Ryegrass. The greater density and fine texture of the Ryegrass gives the overall blend in a lawn a higher quality feels and better appearance.


Bluegrasses Evaluations:

  • Excellent Mowing Characteristics
  • Moderate rating for disease and insect resistance
  • Moderate traffic tolerance
  • Fair shade tolerance
  • Moderate drought tolerance
  • Self Repairing
  • Great Color

Ryegrass Evaluations:

  • High rating for disease and insect resistance
  • High traffic tolerance
  • Good shade tolerance
  • Moderate to good drought tolerance
  • Non thatch forming
  • Excellent Durability