Introducing the first and totally unique ornamental turf grass that will be included on the Xeric plant list.
XERILAWN® is unique from all other ornamental Turfgrass primarily due to combination of low water use, heat tolerance, traffic tolerance, and shade tolerance, adaptability to poor quality soils, deep rooting depth, and self repairing ability.

Our proprietary mixture of Turfgrass species represents the most advanced Turfgrass genetics available from research and testing. This combination of genetics represents every favorable characteristic that can be combined to enable the owner and/or groundskeeper to have their ideal grass and water less as well. All of the considerations used in producing the XERILAWN® has been researched under high quality University controlled conditions and reporting standards by several of the foremost Turfgrass researchers in the world.


  • Water Efficient
  • Disease and Insect Resistant
  • Shade Tolerant
  • Great Summer Color
  • Drought Tolerant
  • Deep Rooting System
  • Excellent Density
  • 34% Native

XERILAWN® is very adaptable to perform well on high pH and a severely disturbed low quality soil which is typical of many construction sites. XERILAWN® exhibits excellent traffic tolerance and deep root systems down to six feet. The seasonal water requirements for XERILAWN® are in the range of fourteen inches of water.
XERILAWN® has a high tolerance for the abusive conditions of the summer heat and intense sunlight in the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain areas. The species was selected by plant breeders due to its disease and insect resistance, the rugged, durable characteristics and survivability under severe conditions of heat, drought, poor soils, salt and shade.